So you’re new here or don’t feel like looking through all the episodes to find one that interest you?
No problem!
Right here you can find a list of some our personal favorite episodes for you to enjoy!

STARRPG: Imagine a cross between classic Star Trek and the Looney Tunes cartoon Duck Dodgers and you get STARRPG! If you want to see how silly Radio Multiverse RPG can get, don’t look any further than this one folks! A group of dysfunctional aliens, who happened to all be officers of Space Fleet, the interstellar peace keeping corps of the United Space Alliance, are called in to deal with ANOTHER group of aliens, this one a teensy weensy bit more hostile, who want to attack modern day Earth.
A bit of a spin on an old classic, in which its up to aliens for once to save the world.
This game was powered by the Atomic Robo RPG, which uses a version of the FATE Core rules.

Achtung! Cthulhu: Ignoring the horrible accent I was putting on, this definitely remains one of our best series. In this one we try out one of Modiphius’ published modules for their A!C game, namely Three Kings.
A British military officer, a Czechoslovakian medic, a Belgian historian and an American special agent are sent on a mission by MI6 into enemy territory in the middle of Czechoslovakia to investigate rumors of Nazis experimenting on the local populace.
While this starts out as a spy mission, it doesn’t take long to turn into typical Hollywood faire with explosions, gunfire and Nazi punching aplenty!
In short: Much fun and intrigue! Oh…and Cthulhu.
This game is powered by the Savage Worlds system, which is pretty perfect for running an action packed, pulpy game like Achtung Cthulhu!

Freedom Foes: Four street level super-villains from Freedom City (the base setting for Mutants & Masterminds) team up and commit some crimes! Hilarity ensues!
In this episode the Freedom Foes are employed by master villain, the Fear-Master, self-proclaimed Lord of Nightmares, to help him out with his latest insidious plan!
While this isn’t the first episode in the series, I think this one represents the tone of the game the best. And while this is actually episode eight, all the characters are properly introduced and it is the start of a new story, so it’s a pretty good jumping on point for any new viewers.
The reason why I’m suggesting this episode instead of the first one is that a lot of the earlier episodes, while they’re filled with great moments, are bogged down by hours of heist planning, almost like this was a Shadowrun game or something. I thought that would turn away a lot of new viewers, so I give you this story focused episode instead!
As mentioned before, Freedom Foes is powered by the Mutants & Masterminds system.

Guardians of Halloween: Your host’s personal favorite. Of all of our content, this is the one I spent the most time and effort on. I’m really proud of the Guardians series and hope you all will give it a watch!
What is it about? Well, taking inspirations from many Halloween family movies, like Ernest Scared Stupid & Hocus Pocus, and video games like Costume Quest, this game follows the adventures of five ten year old boys, who during a night of trick or treating, discover that monsters from outside our realm of existence have somehow invaded their little hometown. And with none of the grownups believing them, it’s up to the kids to save Halloween!
This one has it all, folks: Action! Adventure! Cheek pinching! Beating baddies with the power of imagination! Talking skeletons! Government agents! Demonic chefs! Disco inventors! Manic grannies! A man in a bear suit!
What more could you want? Go give it a watch!
This game was powered by the criminally underrated QAGS engine.
(Also, be sure to watch Guardians of Christmas if you want to hear your host sing!)

Invaderz: This is one of the most hilarious, if not THE most hilarious game, available here on Radio Multiverse! A must listen!
A group of evil (all be it completely inept) aliens, known as Jerkians, are sent by their overlord to infiltrate a convention on planet Earth where they must assassinate a certain famous actor known for playing sparkly vampires. Unfortunately, the actor is actually a very powerful alien in disguise who has managed to enthrall a legion of fans, turning him into a possible threat to the invasion plans of the Jerkian Empire.
This episode is filled with references to shows like Star Trek, Dr. Who, Dragon Ball and, of course, the Twilight movies.
Any likenesses in this episode to real actors is purely coincidental, but kind of hilarious!
Note that, similar to Freedom Foes, this isn’t the first episode, but since most people had to make new characters anyway and every episode of Invaderz is its own story, you’re not missing a lot if you didn’t listen to the first episode.