InSpectres UK Ep. 1

For this year’s Halloween special Radio Multiverse treats you with a blast from the past! It’s the return of InSpectres!
This time around we follow a brand new team of monster hunters living on the fictional island town of Grunby, a strange and magical place with many odd customs that date back to the middleages.
Of course, they’ve got problems with their own special brand of monsters and that where our new team of InSpectres comes in!

The first hour or so is dedicated to franchise creation, so if you want to jump right into the action, click here.

The island of Grunby is based heavily on the real existing, all be it much smaller, island of Sark.
I also drew a lot of inspiration, especially where the monsters are concerned, from the OSR setting Dolmenwood from the Wormskin zine.
You can learn more about Wormskin here.

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