I’m glad you asked, officer!

Radio Multiverse is a collective of madmen dedicated to bringing “quality” actual play recordings of tabletop RPGs, with their main show: Radio Multiverse RPG!
We’ve been at it for three years now and in that time we’ve played a very eclectic selection of products, ranging from well known games like Pathfinder, to things you’ve probably never even heard of (but should definitely try) like QAGS!
However, we mostly stick to game systems that shy away from the norm established by the world’s oldest RPG, and play a lot of FATE, Mutants & Masterminds, the previously mentioned QAGS (the Quick Ass Game System!) and other, probably even lesser known, games.

So yes, in a nutshell: We play a lot of tabletop RPGs and record these sessions.
We usually even have FUN while doing so!

Our group of players come from all over the place…While we’ve had people over from the UK, the US and the Denmark, most of our current group hail from such barbaric lands as Belgium, the Netherlands and FINLAND!

On rare occasions, when the moon is right and the stars align, Ramsey, the host of Radio Multiverse will try to create a different kind of show, like one where they play boardgames, or one where he reviews RPG products, but he usually quickly loses intrest and goes back to playing RPGs as usual.
Said experiments are rumored to be roaming around somewhere on the Radio Multiverse Youtube page, ready to pounce unsuspecting victims…

In our humble beginnings Radio Multiverse had a completely different show with just two people, Dries and Ramsey. It was a very silly mock radio show with music, “live” guests and silly, little skits.
It was very dumb and embarrassing and we shall never talk of it again.
It’s out there on the interwebs, but you’ll never get a link out of me!